Frequently Asked Questions for Online Waivers

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Additional FAQ Topics: Customer Submitted Questions

Will you help me setup my online waiver?

Absolutely! We love to help our customers get the most out of their online waivers, online forms, and online releases. Just drop us an email at with any questions.

Can I upload my current waiver into your system?

Yes! We offer free waiver setup and support. Many of our customers find it easiest to just send us their pdf or paper waiver and we build it for them.

Does your online waiver allow a customer to digitally sign?

Yes, you can add a digital signature pad to your online waiver. Customers can use their finger (or mouse) to digitally sign your online form. Click here for pricing.

Is there a daily limit on how many waivers my customers can submit? Your introductory plan says "you can get up to 1000 signed waivers. That's about 250 per week or 30 per day." Does that mean you can only do 30 per day?

No, there is no daily plan limit set for waiver submission. All limits are set for the month.

How can I see my submitted waivers and data?

Finding your submitted waivers and data is easy. Once you log in, click My Forms at the top of the web site. Click the View Waivers button to the right of your form.

How long are submitted online waivers stored?

As long as you have any waiver subscription active all submitted waivers/data are stored indefinitely by default. Waivers older than a year are moved to cold storage. Alternatively, per waiver, you can specify that you want the submitted waivers/data to ‘expire’ after a certain length of time and they will be automatically purged. If you cancel your waiver subscription, the data persists for three months and then is purged. If you want your data available after all of your waiver subscriptions have been cancelled, you can pay a monthly fee for submitted waiver storage.

Can I add my logo to my waiver?

Yes! When you are editing your online waiver, you can add your logo as an Image file to your waiver. Online waiver logos have a maximum file size of 300K, a maximum width of 700px, and a maximum height of 100px.

Can I export my submitted waivers?

Yes! Your submitted waiver values can easily be exported in CSV/Excel format. Your submitted waivers can be exported in Pdf format. Click here to find out how to export your waivers.

Is there a way to receive a notification when someone has signed a waiver?

Yes! You can configure your waiver to email you a notification each time a waiver is submitted. Click here to find out about waiver notifications.

What time zone will my waiver be in?

When you setup your waiver, you will choose the time zone for that waiver.

How many Kiosk devices am I allowed to use?

You can use as many waiver devices or kiosks as you want. We never charge extra for multiple devices.

How Do I Cancel A Waiver?

We hate to see people go! If you're cancelling because of a missing feature or something, please check with us first. We have lots of features that are only activated behind the scenes. It's easy to cancel. Just go to My Forms, click Change Subscription, and then click Cancel.

How Many Forms Do I Get With My Subscription?

Each subscription includes one online Form.

Do your waivers support EU date format?

Yes, our waivers support the EU date format for an additional monthly fee. Just send en email to requesting that to be turned on for your waiver. Click here for pricing.

I Need a Copy of a Waiver I Submitted

Click here for further details on finding a submitted waiver.

Can I archive or delete a waiver?

Click here for further details on how to delete or archive a submitted waiver.

How do I manage Sub Users for my waiver?

If you have the Sub User Option enabled for your waiver, click here for details on managing the Sub Users.