How It Works

Follow or reference these easy steps to get your online waiver up and running quickly. You can return to this page at any time during the process. Email us at with any questions.

Step 1 - Select Your Online Waiver Subscription

First, you need to select a subscription plan for your online waiver. offers prices and plans to meet every online waiver need. Add the plan or plans you need and checkout to continue to Step 2.
Every waiver is always free for the first month!

Step 2 - Create Your Online Form

Next, you need to create the online form. Go to My Forms to edit and review your current Forms. Form creation can be complex, so we have a whole section dedicated on creating and maintaining online forms.
Help Editing Your Online Form
Need help with your form? We're always happy to assist you with your look and feel. Email us at with any questions.

Step 3 - Publish Your Form

Now that you have created your form it is time to Publish the form. Only published forms can be accessed by your customers. Go to My Forms and click the Publish button next to your form. Once published, you will see a web link that you can give to your customers. You also will now see a View Waivers button that will take you to any submitted forms.

Step 4 - Distribute Your Waiver Link

The final step is to distribute your online waiver link so that your customers can fill out and submit your online form. For each published form, you will be provided with a web link for the online form. You can put that link on your web site, in emails, or distribute it however you want. Your online waiver is now ready and in production.