Importing Check-In Guests

Follow or reference these easy steps for using the Guest Check-In Feature for your waiver. Email us at with any questions.

Navigate to Import Check-In Guests

On the Manage Guests page for your waiver click the Add Multiple Guests links to navigate to the Import Check-In Guests page.
Manage Check-in Guests


To import multiple guests, enter the guest data here. Be sure to include only one guest per line and enter the full name that you expect the guest to use when submitting their waiver. If you also have their email address, include it on the same line after a comma (For example "John Doe,"). Then click the Import button and you will be provided with a summary of the import result.
Import Check-In Guest

Guest Names Only

If you only have guest names, include each name on an single line.
Check-In Guest Names

Guest Names and Emails

If you also have email addresses, include the email address on the same line, after the full name and a comma.
Check-In Guest Emails

Mix and Match

You don't have to include email address for all guests if you only have some. You can mix and match lines.
Check-In Guest Mixed


When submitting and there are errors, you will be notified.
Check-In Guest Emails


You will be provided with a summary of imported Guests. Duplicate guests will not be created. If a guest already exists without an email, their email will be updated if in the import list. Existing guests that have an existing, but different email will not be updated.
Check-In Guest Summary