Cheap Online Gym Waivers

Waivers starting at $5 a Month

We provide specifically designed online waivers for your Gym location, aimed at providing exactly the functionality you need, at remarkable value. Customers can sign your Gym waivers, both in person and online. At your location, your customers can sign the Gym waiver on an iPad or Android tablet.

Free Waiver Setup and Support

WebWaiver provides free waiver setup and support. Many of our customers find it easiest to just email us their existing paper or pdf waiver and let us build it for them for free.

Common Gym Waiver Types

  • Gym Waiver
  • Dance Studio Waiver
  • Crossfit Waiver
  • Fitness Waiver
  • Exercise Waiver

You might be asking yourself why do you need an online waiver for your gym?

As a gym owner or operator there are always going to be risks associated with running your gym. Generally you will have insurance to cover general liability situations. Some insurance policies require you to have release waivers for your gym members for discounts. An online waiver will help protect you if your gym members do something irresponsible that causes injury or damage to your gym, themselves, or others.

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Why Use WebWaiver for Your Cheap Online Gym Waiver?

Waiver Signing Screen

Customers sign waivers with their finger on a simple and elegant touch tablet interface. Utilizing only one screen, we make the customer experience fast and painless.

Signed Waiver Review

Easily view signed waivers to ensure all participants have been accounted for, searchable by name, and date range.

Waiver Export

Export all your waiver data to Microsoft Excel or a CSV file for easy uploading to other programs such as MailChimp for easy email marketing and data analysis.

Customize Everything

With a full WYSIWYG editor, your waivers will look exactly how you want them. Edit your waivers in a comfortable and familiar editing environment for a perfect customer signing experience.

Thank You Screen

Express your appreciation your customers for signing your waivers with a customizable thank you screen which is displayed after a waiver has been completed.


Our Cheap Online Waivers are fully customizable with your logo and colors to ensure you stand out, and prove this is not another plain, boring waiver signing experience.