Cheap Online Coronavirus Waivers

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We provide specifically designed online waivers for your Coronavirus location, aimed at providing exactly the functionality you need, at remarkable value. Customers can sign your Coronavirus waivers, both in person and online. At your location, your customers can sign the Coronavirus waiver on an iPad or Android tablet.

Free Waiver Setup and Support

WebWaiver provides free waiver setup and support. Many of our customers find it easiest to just email us their existing paper or pdf waiver and let us build it for them for free.

Common Coronavirus Waiver Types

  • Coronavirus Waiver
  • COVID-19 Waiver
  • Swab Test Waiver
  • Antibody Test Waiver
  • International Travel Waiver

You might be asking yourself why do you need an online waiver for Coronavirus?

The CDC has put together guidelines to monitor, detect, and prevent the spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19. Your business may have special considerations for your customers to protect both your customer and yourself. A Coronavirus waiver can ask appropriate questions about Travel and Testing, as well as convey any special protocols or rules you have in place. It may be important to know whether your customers have already had the virus, when they may have tested, as well as whether they have traveled recently.

Even if the risk is difficult to quantify, it is unarguable that COVID-19 is potentially dangerous. A waiver can help protect your business and reinforce the safety rules and protocols that you have in place. It is one more place that your customers are told how to properly follow your rules and regulations.

Common Statements and Conditions for your Coronavirus Waiver

I Have not shown symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days OR have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive in the past 14 days. According to the Center for the Disease Control, below are symptoms: ● Cough ● Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing ● Fever ● Chills ● Repeated shaking with chills ● Muscle pain ● Headache ● Sore throat ● New loss of taste or smell

I agree to inform [CompanyName] immediately if I have developed symptoms within a two week period of being in the studio, or if I have learned that I have been in direct contact with someone who has later tested positive for the coronavirus within the same two week period .

You may ask your vistors to agree to these recommendations:

I have not travelled outside of the United States within the last 14 days.

I have not experienced fever or flu like symptoms, cold or cough symptoms which include sore throat or shortness of breath in the last 14 days.

I have not been in contact with any persons who have tested positive for Covid-19.

I agree to come to my appointment alone.

I agree to adhere to all social distancing protocols whenever possible. I agree to hygiene protocols; to arrive showered and with clean clothes. (Please do not come directly from work)

I agree to sanitize my hands with provided hand sanitizer upon arrival.

I agree to sanitize my personal device (phone) with provided sanitizer if I want to use it during my appointment.

I agree to bring a mask, & if I don’t have one to wear, to wear one provided.

I agree to eat at least 3 hours prior before my appointment as no outside food will be allowed during my appointment.

I understand that all protocols may add time to my appointment. I ensure i will have enough time available & understand this process will not be rushed.

Email us at with any questions.

Why Use WebWaiver for Your Cheap Online Coronavirus Waiver?

Waiver Signing Screen

Customers sign waivers with their finger on a simple and elegant touch tablet interface. Utilizing only one screen, we make the customer experience fast and painless.

Signed Waiver Review

Easily view signed waivers to ensure all participants have been accounted for, searchable by name, and date range.

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Export all your waiver data to Microsoft Excel or a CSV file for easy uploading to other programs such as MailChimp for easy email marketing and data analysis.

Customize Everything

With a full WYSIWYG editor, your waivers will look exactly how you want them. Edit your waivers in a comfortable and familiar editing environment for a perfect customer signing experience.

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Express your appreciation your customers for signing your waivers with a customizable thank you screen which is displayed after a waiver has been completed.


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