Enterprise Features - Auto Populating Waivers

Auto Populating Waivers

You would like to pass reference information into your waiver for it to automatically populate some fields for your users.

Sometimes you may have custom logic on your web site, CRM/ERP, or email system that automatically can pass reference information like order numbers or user reference to your waiver. You want that information to automatically show up on the waiver so that the user doesn't have to fill it in.

We can help you format your inbound link for your waiver to include data to automatically fill out in your waiver. This is a common practice for integrated systems such as CRM or Order Entry Systems.

What are Enterprise Waiver Features?

Web Waiver offers many customized and handy waiver features that you might not see and cannot be enabled from the online console. These features have to be enabled by the Web Waiver staff.

Email us at support@webwaiver.com to set this up or to check whether we offer a feature you are looking for.

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