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The Blind Cafe Experience Liability Release Form

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The Blind Cafe, LLC




I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in the "Blind Cafe” (also referred to as the “Social Adventure” in this document), that takes place at the venue (the “Venue”). I accept the responsibility of all risks associated with the Social Adventure. I also fully attest and understand that:


  1. I am of sound mind and health;

  2. I am mentally, emotionally, and physically able to accomplish all tasks associated with this Social Adventure, which includes but is not limited to: (a) confinement in 100% dark rooms and spaces; (b) movement, navigating and eating in the dark; (c) variations in environment; (d) physical activity in a totally dark room; (e) mental and emotional stress associated with total darkness.

  3. I knowingly and willingly assume all of the risks associated with participating in the Social Adventure in 100% darkness, including, but not limited to, falling, contact with tables, floor or other participants, injuries, or experiencing sensory deprivation, etc.

  4. I expressly understand that I may be touched by others in the dark during the Social Adventure as others attempt to find their way, etc. If at any time, I am uncomfortable with any aspect of the Social Adventure, I will notify Blind Café personnel immediately.  I hereby release and hold harmless the Blind Café, its representatives, and the venue, from the actions of other participants. These actions include but are not limited to actions that are deliberate, a result of other participant’s misconduct, and/or negligence.

  5. I assume all obligations for payment for medical and psychological treatment or ambulance services, that may result due to participation in this Social Adventure, whether those risks are known or unknown.  I affirmatively state that I have medical insurance coverage or am otherwise financially capable of paying all costs of medical treatment or ambulance services that might occur due to participation in this Social Event.

  6. I further knowingly release, discharge and agree to hold harmless the Blind Cafe, LLC, its owners, employees, agents, representatives, successors, and assigns and the Venue from all liabilities, injuries, claims, bills, demands, suits, judgments or losses with respect to my participation and presence in the Social Adventure, and from all liabilities, injuries, claims, bills, demands, suits, judgments or losses that I have or may have in the future that are based in any way on participation in this Social Adventure.

  7. I have thoroughly read and understand this Waiver giving up many legal rights. I will assume all risks associated with this Social Adventure. I am agreeing to this of my own accord, without any influence from another party.