MSATO Waiver & Hold Harmless

Electronic Signature and Acknowledgement. If under 18 years old, hard copy notarizered waiver is required to be turned in at sign-in.
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As an attendee do hereby acknowledge that as a participant in this production, I freely and voluntarily engage in hazardous activity for my own recreation, enjoyment and pleasure. I recognize that as part of this activity other attendees and I will be using airsoft guns that shoot pellets and airsoft grenades that create loud sounds, disperse pellets and casing fragments.  I will traverse difficult and dangerous terrain and obstacles, and transport and use various simulated firearms and other simulated weapons, and I freely and voluntarily assume any and all risk of injury such activity involves.

The attendees of this production have full knowledge of Military Simulation productions on dangerous, often abandoned property and these properties do not meet normal safety requirements. I enter these dangerous properties of my own free will and understand that I could be putting my health, safety and life into peril.  Attendees will be using Airsoft guns and other simulated weapons and understand that it may cause bodily harm, serious injuries, lose of sight, hearing, limbs and even death.  Attendees are required to provide and wear their own safety equipment and gear. Including but not limited to wearing proper full seal eye protection, face, ear, hearing and mouth protection and are advised to wear helmets, gloves, as well as other clothing and equipment that can protect them from airsoft BB’s and grenades or the terrain used during the production. Barrel bags are required in non-playing areas.


For these reasons, I hereby waive and release from liability and agree to hold harmless the following:

1. Property owner: its affiliates its employees, officers, directors, shareholders, Members, Managers, and all affiliates,

2. Production organizers: MSATO, LLC & MSATO Entertainment LLC its officers all other agents, employees and volunteers that help run the production and/or participate in this production.


I hereby grant permission for Emergency Medical personnel to treat me in the production that I am unconscious and/or unable to communicate freely. I understand that I will be treated under “Good Samaritan” standards, if a Medical Professional is not immediately available. As soon as possible I will be turned over to Medical or Ambulance personnel and transported to the nearest Hospital or medical facility.


Honor: Airsoft is a game of HONOR, all attendees are expected to call their hits and follow all rules and guidelines set up by producers. Failure to call your hits, failure to follow guidelines and rules can result in removal from the production without refund.


I understand that this Military Simulation and Tactical Operation is a privately held production. Producers reserve the right to deny participation to anyone. Attendees assumes responsibility and agrees to indemnify and defend MSATO, LLC, staff, production sponsors, production VIP, fellow attendees, production venue management and ownership, and their respective employees and agents against any claims or expenses arising out of the use of the property and general premises. While security personnel may be available generally for the purpose of safeguarding the general public, the attendees are solely responsible for the safekeeping of his/her own property while at the production.

All attendees are expected to and shall conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner. Any attendee who, in the opinion of MSATO, LLC Staff fails to conduct themselves in such a manner may be asked to leave the property at any time without any right to a refund of fees, either in whole or in part.


Damage to property or use of non BIO BB’s will result in immediate removal from production. Based on damages, repair and/ or clean up fees attendees can be held criminally and/or civilly liable. Attendees who violates the rules agrees to pay all legal fees associated with collection to repair or re-pay property owner and producers for losses they incur. Possession of Alcoholic beverages by attendees under 21 years old or illegal drugs by any attendees may result in expulsion. In order to uphold these provisions, the attendees agree to permit reasonable inspection of their wares by a duly authorized MSATO, LLC staff member or its agents.


Attendees must recognize that this is a Military Simulation (MilSim) production, and that they will be assigned to a unit (Company, a Platoon and/or a Squad). Attendees must accept the command structure setup by producers. You must be willing to assist and guide those who may be assigned to your squad. Because you are being assigned to a unit you are expected to work through your chain of command, this includes notifying your chain of command if you are going to be absent or leaving the production early.


Photo & Video Standard Talent Release: I hereby authorize without compensation MSATO, LLC & MSATO Entertainment LLC and/or their agents and their assignees and licensees to use my voice, portrait, picture, color or black-and-white photograph, videotape or other reproduction of me. I understand the above mentioned may create a version of this videotape for Video download, DVD, CD-ROM, satellite or broadcast media, or any other as of yet undeveloped technologies for worldwide distribution. MSATO, LLC & MSATO Entertainment LLC and/or may sell or distribute this program in any way they deem appropriate. You agree to allow MSATO, LLC & MSATO Entertainment LLC and/or their agents to use any photographs, voice and/or video that you create and post regarding MSATO productions you have attended on any social media platform for their own use including advertising without compensation or credit. You agree to allow MSATO, LLC & MSATO Entertainment LLC and/or  their agents the use of your photograph, video, likeness, name, voice, signature, logo or trademark as they see fit without compensation or credit.


I state that by signing this document I fully read and understood its contents, and that I am voluntarily waiving rights that may be granted to me by International, Federal, State and Local statues, as well as the common law of the nation.



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