Covid-19 Hypnotherapy Session Intake and Consent

Covid-19 Hypnotherapy Session Intake and Consent Form

Please note, if you have any of the above conditions, we must have a doctor's written referral to proceed with your hypnotherapy session.

Informed consent
  • I understand that hypnosis is a method for self-exploration and/or behavioral change. This may enable tme to search for meaning and understanding and to direct my own personal growth and development. I further understand that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.
  • Since I am in total control of the hypnotic state and session, I can stop a session at any time.  The facilitator will use symbols and symbolic language, which I will interpret according to my own belief system. I understand that hypnotherapy uses trance and suggestion to adjust habits of thought, feeling and behaviour. 
  • I choose the goals for hypnotherapy.  I also choose the topics of discussion while in the trance state.  I understand that hypnotherapy is not offered as substitute for medical diagnosis and care.
  • I agree to allow my sessions to be recorded (audio only) for my personal record. I will receieve a copy of these recordings.  I understand that all information on this form and from any hypnotherapy sessions is strictly confidential.
  • I enter into hypnotherapy willingly and out of my own desire for self-exploration and/or behavioral change.  Furthermore, I certify that I am requesting hypnotherapy services on my own initiative and realize that (practitioner) does not diagnose ailments or prescribe treatment.
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