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Axe Throwing Agreement & Liability Waiver

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Release of liability, waiver of claims, assumption of risks and indemnity agreement. By initializing and/or

signing this document you are waiving certain legal rights, including the right to sue.

The undersigned wish to participate in DoCo Axe Co. at Lil’ Bitta Bull BBQ, LLC and

its assigns, (hereinafter the “Operator”) at my own risk. I am aware that the activity is HAZARDOUS, physically strenuous

and involves certain risks. Those risks include but are not limited to; the risk of property damage, serious injury, paralysis,

permanent disability, loss of limbs resulting from my negligence and/or others, malfunction of the equipment and injuries

resulting from the throwing instruments (axes, knives, stars, etc.) and/or other participants not using proper safety

procedures. In addition, I recognize that throwing axes could result in permanent injury or death.

I also understand that there is an inherent risk of injury to myself and others from these factors, from the equipment, and

from other players and even though the activity is supervised by the Operator’s personnel that I am solely responsible for

the safety, and wellbeing of myself and the minors in my care.

Despite these and other risks, and with full understanding of such risks, I wish to participate in the axe throwing and hereby

assume the risks. I hereby hold the Operator harmless and indemnify them against any or all claims, action suits,

procedures, cost expenses (including attorney’s fees and expenses), damages and liabilities arising out of, connected with,

or resulting from axe throwing. Including without limitation, those resulting from the manufacture, selection, delivery,

possession, use or operation of such equipment.

I understand that it is recommended that I have accidental medical coverage and agree that if I do not have accidental

medical coverage, I will be financially responsible for any and all charges and fees incurred in the rendering of said


In case of an injury, I authorize the staff the Operator to render first aid and I hereby authorize Litta Bitta Bull, LLC d/b/a

DoCo Axe Co. staff to act for me in case of an emergency. I also waive and release Operator from any and all liability for

any and all injuries and illness that occur while participating in axe throwing.

I agree to obey the Safety Instructions and Rules and to further use the equipment so as not to injure myself or others. I

agree that my right to participate in axe throwing and use the equipment may be terminated without refund if I fail to

follow such Safety Instructions and Rules.

I accept full responsibility for return of all equipment in good condition or to pay replacement cost upon termination of

the game.

I, on behalf of myself, my estate, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns do hereby indemnify the owners of Lil’ Bitta

Bull BBQ, LLC, and/or DoCo Axe Co., their suppliers, and their respective agents, officers and employees from any and all

claims, actions, lawsuits, procedures, costs, expenses, damages and/or liabilities whatsoever connected with, or resulting from axe throwing or spectating and from the use of equipment or premises whether resulting from the negligence of any party or otherwise. I further agree to indemnify the same said parties against any and all liabilities that may arise between myself and a third party.

I have read and fully understand this “Axe Throwing Agreement and Liability Waiver” and recognize that it is legally binding contract. If I have any doubts concerning any aspect of its content, I will not participate until I obtain legal advice. I certify that I am at least 18 years of age (Minors see below) and in good health and do not suffer from a heart condition or other aliments/conditions which could be exacerbated by the exertion involved in axe throwing and that I further intend to be bound by this agreement. 

Photo & Video Release: I hereby irrevocably grant Operator, its successors and partners the right to record my likeness and/or voice on tape, film or digital media. I also allow them to edit such tape, film, or digital media at their discretion and to incorporate the same into video, TV, radio, web, social media, or print advertisement, or video for Lil’ Bitta Bull BBQ, LLC and DoCo Axe Co. promotions without payment of fees.

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