Country Food Trails

Country Food Trails Waiver and Indemnity Please take the time to read and understand the conditions of booking set out below prior to taking a tour with us.

I hereby agree to comply with the reasonable directions and Terms and Conditions of Authentic Global Travel Pty Ltd (ABN 23624982510) trading as Country Food Trails (‘Country Food Trails’), which I have seen.

I understand and knowingly recognise that my participation may result in serious injury and that participation in activities with Country Food Trails includes various means of transportation to various venues, walking, exposure to and participation in activities and light to moderate exercise. I may be exposed to intoxicating substances and sharp blades in my tour which may further contribute to this risk.
To the best of my knowledge I am fully able to participate in the activities listed in the itinerary. I have suitable level of health and fitness to participate in all activities and to the best of my knowledge do not have any medical conditions that have not been otherwise disclosed that prevent me from participating in all activities, including compliance with any government directions regarding pandemics.
I am aware of the possible risks associated with participation, including but not limited to, those activities outlined in the itinerary, and I elect to voluntarily participate in those activities knowing that doing so may be hazardous to myself or my property. This being the case, I assume full responsibility for any losses, damages or injury suffered due to these risks and otherwise release Country Food Trails from the same.
I have disclosed to Country Food Trails my age and verify that the age I have disclosed is a true and correct reflection of my age. I acknowledged that providing an accurate description of my age is legally required so that third party providers may provide me with alcohol or otherwise expose me to situations which are inappropriate or unlawful for children to be exposed to.
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